Lynne Connolly Interview

Today I am speaking with Lynne Connolly. Hello Lynne and welcome to Fallen Angel Reviews.
Thank you for having me!

I noticed on your website you have penned some great books. Your wide range of artistic stories has a way of carrying readers into different avenues, opening doors with a world of imaginations that soar. Why not tell us about your recent release.
The most recent is a historical romance, the first in the Triple Countess series, Last Chance, My Love, from Samhain Publishing. It has the tagline ďWhat if youíre in love, but you canít make love?Ē because the hero and heroine have just that dilemma. Theyíre married, theyíre in love, theyíre wealthy, privileged Ė but if she has another child, the birth will kill her. Itís about a dilemma far more common in past ages, before reliable contraceptives became available. Theyíve tried celibacy, and itís not working, so Daniel and Miranda have to find another way. The book is about their journey, and the way Danielís brothers find a way to throw them together, forced in each otherís company, even to share a bedroom. It was wonderful to explore these people, and see their progress in their journey.

Lynne, do you have other works in progress that you would like to share with us?
Itís an exciting time at the moment. Iíve written the next two books in the Triple Countess series, and the next one, ďA Chance to DreamĒ comes out in November.

Iíve also written the first in a brand new paranormal romance series, currently called ďFresh Air,Ē which is under consideration with an agent in New York.

And Department 57 continues, but with a new publisher. Its debut at Loose-ID will be with the new novella, Catsí Eyes, the story of two Brazilian male strippers and their agent lover.

The Wildfire series is finding a new lease of life at Elloraís Cave. The first book, now titled Sunfire, is the story of rock guitar god Splinter (aka Aidan Hawthorne) and his lady, Corinne, a Classical guitarist. She has to cope with switching to rock from classical, and with the fact that her love is a shapeshifter, the Phoenix, as well as her irresistible attachment to him. Iíve substantially rewritten the book, and itís hotter and stronger. I havenít had the release date yet, but Iím getting very excited about my Elloraís Cave debut!

How many books do you see yourself composing in the next year?
I have no idea, really. It depends what happens. I have two more Department 57 books planned, and the next Pure Wildfire books to write. If the book currently in New York takes off, Iíll have to concentrate on that. And I have another series planned and ready to write, another contemporary paranormal base.

Do you command your characters or do they take charge of you?
A bit of each. You have to let characters express themselves. I think romance is all about the characters. But you canít afford to give them their heads completely, otherwise theyíll run mad. Iím a planner, so they have to follow the plot. But then, Iíve been known to stop halfway through writing a book and replot it to suit the direction the characters want to take!

What is your favorite method for relaxing?
Iím a miniaturist. I love filling my dollsí houses with teeny-tiny things in twelfth scale. Itís a kind of madness.

What is your favorite genre to read and write?
Well I love reading Ďstraightí romantic suspense, but I havenít written anything in that genre!

I keep up with the market and also read for the sheer joy of it, in the genres I write in, paranormal romance and historical romance.

And, of course, my three fallback reads. George Macdonald Fraserís ďFlashmanĒ books, Dorothy Dunnettís Lymond Chronicles, and Georgette Heyerís Regency books. All unsurpassed in style, originality and sheer writing talent.

Do you go through much research when writing your books?
Iím a research junkie. I love research, Iíd do it if I wasnít a writer.

I love historical research, reading the letters and journals of the time, visiting the houses these people lived in, rich and poor, and loving their art and literature.

The paranormal romance involves a lot of research into mythologies. Iím learning a lot about some esoteric religious systems, how different they are, and somewhat alarmingly, how similar, although they didnít have contact with each other. It reinforces the notion that basic human urges and desires are the same.

Have you always wanted to be a writer?
I wrote my first story when I was 7, and Iíve never stopped. I only thought about publication recently, but Iíve always written.

Lynne, what would your readers be surprised to learn about you?
Honestly, I have no idea. I donít use a pseudonym, I love cats and dollís houses Ė oh yes. My fanatical adherence to Manchester United, the football (soccer) team. So much that when David Beckham left to join Real Madrid, he ceased to exist for me. Thatís pretty usual among football fans. The club is all, the country is secondary, and Sir Alex Ferguson should rule the world. He could, if he wanted to!

Itís a sickness Iíve occasionally tried to resist, but the minute Wayne Rooney hammers another ball into the back of the net, Iím back there screaming with the other 30,000 fans.

How beneficial do you find workshops or conferences for the author?
Some and some. Itís important for the writer to identify her weaknesses and then look for the classes to help her overcome it. Taking class after class, just because theyíre there is as much displacement activity as watching hour after hour of mindless TV.

For Fun: What is your favorite television show?
Difficult. Iím not awfully picky. But of recent years, one shaves it over the others. I love ďDr. Who,Ē ďCSI,Ē and ďWaking the Dead,Ē but for sheer writing power, ďDeadwoodĒ beats them all. Using the Ďfí word as a kind of punctuation and then writing soliloquies in iambic pentameter using it takes a special kind of vision.

What is your favorite flavor tea?
Iím British. There IS only one flavor of tea! I like mine medium strong with a spot of milk, no sugar.

Your favorite ice cream?
Vanilla. Real French vanilla, handmade by someone like Heston Blumenthal.

Your favorite soft drink?
Pepsi Max. Iím still in mourning.

In the story, The Secret Garden, the children found a lovely garden to go for peace, solitude and complete happiness. Where would you say is your secret garden?
I know exactly where it is. Itís the rose garden at Haddon Hall, Derbyshire. You can actually go on a virtual tour of it, so go here and see what you think!

Do you have another website other than, that you would like to share with your readers?
There are a lot. I love Jack Lynchís Georgian era reference page, the sites of the major museums and stately homes, and mapquest has saved me from a lot of stupid mistakes!

My website is the center of everything I do. I have a newsletter, which has a free book in the Files, a Regency romance, and where all my news is broken first, a blog, and a Myspace page. which I should really update more often!

If you could say anything to any aspiring writer, what advice would you give?
Keep going. Use your own judgment and decide what YOU want out of it, rather than what other people say you should have.

Lynne, thank you for sharing time with us today. I wish you the best in your writing endeavors. Keep those great books coming our way.
Thank you, Iíve enjoyed it enormously!

Interviewed by: Linda L.

Linda L.