Randi del Marco Interview

Today I am speaking with Randi del Marco.

Hello Randi, how are you today? I was looking at your website and saw your book, Lust in Las Vegas and Snow, Fire and Ice. Can you tell the readers something about one of your books?
Lust In Las Vegas / Release Date: July 13, 2007
Pepper, producer's assistant extraordinaire, goes on location in Las Vegas and hooks up with Bryan Boynton, the show's hunky stunt coordinator.

While Bryan cooks up one of the most complicated stunt sequences ever executed on the strip, Pepper is keeping the director from firing the storyboard artist, one of the actors from seducing the DGA trainee, and watching for excessive consumption of the really dangerous drugs on set – Red Bull and Krispy Kremes!

The moments Bryan and Pepper steal together are hot, hot, and hot. And everything comes to a boil the day Bryan proposes to pull off the stunt of the century.

How does the day begin for Randi?
Early. I am a morning person and I like to get all my chores out of the way before I settle down to write. (Of course, writing is never a chore.) While I am busy with stuff around the house and garden, I let thoughts about my current project bubble up and see if anything interesting had come up through my dreams to add to them. I will then sit down and usually start with editing what I wrote the day before to get me in the flow and then write for 4 or 5 (mostly) uninterrupted hours. Sometimes a page, sometimes 20. I try not to set expectations so I can look forward to the next day without pressure.

What does your work space look like?
An office alcove in my kitchen. It is a warm, bright room with lots of white and light blue walls. Piles of books, computer, printer, phone, etc. Center of my house so I can be part of what is going on.

What are your plans for future WIP?
Definitely more Pepper stories. I really like her and I have lots of tales to tell through her.

Do you have to do much research in your writing?
Most of what I write is based on my own experiences. However, I do quite a bit of research, partly to verify my memories, sometimes to expand on them. I find that discrepancies in the books I read take me out of the narrative so I try and avoid doing that to my own readers. I also do basic checks for legal reasons, etc.

As an author, do you think it is important for a writer to stay in touch with his/her readers, and the growing trend of what they really like to read?
Absolutely. But there are a lot of readers out there and a lot of different tastes. As an avid reader myself and a friend to many of the same, I am writing for a particular segment of the market. Women's erotica from a woman's point of view. And with a lead character, Pepper, who is both intelligent and has a quirky sense of humor.

What book have you read that left a strong impression you will never forget?
Stranger in a Strange Land. It showed me how a book could put a whole new spin on the world.

Do you find it hard to choose names for your characters?
They sort of choose themselves. I start out with something which I think fits and sometime it sticks. If it doesn’t, it will rub at me until I change it to something more appropriate.

Where would you classify as your most romantic place to visit?
Anywhere my love is? A place becomes romantic, it is imbued with what one experiences there. Personally, I avoid touristy and commercial destinations. And I guess my characters do, too – look at the mountain cabin in Snow, Fire and Ice and the night under the stars and Red Rocks in Lust in Las Vegas.

For Fun: Who is your favorite, actor/actress?
At the moment, Marg Helgenberger. She always plays these interesting, intelligent women who have flaws but succeed in spite of them.

What is your favorite beverage? Your favorite candy?
Tea - lapsang souchang, constant comment & lady grey. Don't eat much candy - maybe the occasional Coffee Crisp but they don't sell them here in Los Angeles .

Do you have another website than http://randidelmarco.com/ that you would like to share with your readers, like a blog or links to your books?
Readers, please keep coming back to my website as I continue to update it. As well, they can visit my publisher Rosa Romance at where you can find my books for sale. They also run contests where winners can choose one of my e-books as a prize. Finally, readers should definitely sign up for news and updates at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/RosaRomance_News/.

Randi, I have enjoyed our talk and thank you for taking time to share some insight with us into your life and writing. I hope to see many more books by Randi del Marco.

Interviewed by: Linda L.

Linda L.