Jesse Fox Interview

Today we have the opportunity to have Jesse Fox with us at Fallen Angel Reviews! Jesse, pull up a seat and let's share a cup of tea. The readers are anxious to learn something about Jesse.

Jesse, I visited your myspace and love the background. I noticed you were a romantic at heart. I like that. I believe you have another book out at Dark Roast Press, Le Jardin de la Lumiere. Love the title. We would love to hear about your latest release, can you enlighten us?
Well first, I'd like to say thank you for having me. I reluctantly admit I am a romantic at heart, but not in the Disney fairytale fashion. I'm more realistic in my approach to romance. My friends claim I'm an angst whore, but I write from my heart and real life. Relationships are never easy and there are always hurdles to leap.

Le Jardin de la Lumiere actually started out as a short story for an anthology through a now defunct e-publisher. It follows the journey of Ryan Esson, a young artist decimated by a con artist that he loved deeply and trusted. He's now shut himself off from the world and given up on love. Unknown to Ryan though love hasn't given up on him. He's caught the eye of Eros, the God of Love, who has tired of being immortal. He's seeking the one mortal capable of giving him what he seeks-love and mortality. He believes that Ryan is that mortal.

The title refers not just to the location; a mysterious island off the coast of Louisiana, but also to what life can be if you open yourself up to the possibilities it offers. Eros has his job cut out for him, but he has plenty of help from his immortal family.

Where do you get your ideas for your stories?
That's a loaded question. *laughs* I get my inspiration sometimes from the oddest places. Anything from a painting, a photo, sometimes a song or a poem can set my muses running. My inspiration can even come from conversations I have with friends and relatives or my own personal experiences. Le Jardin for example was born from my love of Greek and Roman mythology and a relationship I had as a young 20-something.

Which is harder for you to come up with first, characters names or titles?
I would have to say character names are more difficult. Normally I have the title first when I start a story. I've discovered over the years that a title works for me like an outline does for other writers. As the characters form, they often name themselves. Sometimes the names don't jive with what I would have done, but I've learned not to argue with the characters. It's a fruitless battle and causes writer's block quite often.

When you are writing do the characters have your full attention or are you often bothered by many interruptions?
Interruptions galore definitely *laughs* my day job is as a property manager and I work where I live. Often a constant stream of interruptions during the day so, I write when I can and have learned how to use the pause button on my brain.

What does your writing space look like?
Honestly? They best way I can describe it is a controlled disaster. The area is for both my writing and my work. It's the center of my universe. You know how some women have those giant purses and haul everything around with them. Well, my desk is very much like that. I organize it once a week, usually Sunday evening, in prep for the week and within a couple of days it implodes again.

When you are choosing a book to read, what first grabs your attention, the cover, the blurb or the author?
The cover definitely I'm very visual, my first love is art, and then the blurb. If the blurb doesn't live up to the cover, I won't select the book even if the writer is someone I read.

What can we look forward to from Jesse in the future?
As you know, I write GLBT emphasis on the male/male erotica. I have a short story called Winter Wild coming out soon in a holiday anthology from DRP. I'm finishing up my third novel a suspense-crime drama entitled Blood Noir and a collection of short stories in progress based on the original darker Grimms' fairytales. I'm also outlining a series about a group of paranormal investigators led by a gay psychologist who comes from a long line of debunkers.

I love the Virtual Cat on your myspace site. Can you share your website with the readers?
I love him too. *laughs* He amuses me when I'm have a bout of writer's block. Of course, I'd be happy to.

My website:

I noticed you enjoy horror movies, as well as hauntings. They fascinate me, too. If you were chosen to be in any horror movie, which one of all the ones out there, would you love to be a part in?
Oh, my, what a decision that's tough. I would say either the remake of The Haunting with Liam Neeson. Simply because of the atmosphere and the sets were so gorgeously wicked. Another one would be, Stir of Echoes with Kevin Bacon. I love Richard Matheson's writing and he never disappoints.

I see you love Ghost Whisperer and the old Dark Shadow Series, (me, too). If you were contracted to write one episode on either one of the stories, what would you change, if anything, or add?
Ghost Whisperer without a doubt I'd love to see Mel fail just once at getting a spirit to crossover. That might seem evil, but she's too damn good at what she does. Yes, her husband refused to crossover, but I'd like to see a stranger's ghost attach to her and flat out refuse to go. I would have never killed her husband to begin with but if they needed him dead I wouldn't have had him become a Walk-In. Jim being a ghost to me would have worked better than the whole Walk-In thing.

You and your BFF have just won a trip to one of these three places, France, Ireland or Africa. Where would you choose to go?
Ireland hands down. The paternal side of my mother's family came to the United States from Ireland in the late 1700's. I've always possessed a deep affinity for my Irish heritage and would love to see where my family originated.

You have taken on many jobs. Which would you say has been your best? Has been your worst?
My best was as Operation's Admin for a tile company. I interacted with people all over the country and even overseas. It was a learning experience and built up my confidence a great deal.

The worst was waiting tables. It's a tough job physically and mentally that gets little respect. I've always said that people need to respect the blue-collar people more they're the backbone of this country. I couldn't do that job anymore for a number of reasons.

It is the holiday season where many people are busy preparing delicious food and desserts. You have decided to plan a huge dinner for some friends and relatives and invite the Fallen Angels to attend. What can we look forward to on the menu?
Appetizers: Bite-size shrimp, BBQ mini-sausages, deviled eggs, chips with chili-cheese and ranch dip

For the main meal: Caesar Salad, Honey-baked ham, mashed potatoes & gravy, green beans, croissants, and cornbread stuffing

Desert: Pecan and cherry pie, Black Forest cake, and sugar cookies.

Thank you so much for spending the morning with us, Jesse. I have certainly enjoyed the time we shared and wish you great many sales.
You're welcome, Linda, and thank you for having me. It's been fun racking my brain over your questions. Here's wishing you a Wonderful Holiday and a Happy New Year.

Interviewed by: Linda L.

Linda L.