Julia Knight Interview

This morning I have the privilege of speaking to Julia Knight. Hello Julia and welcome to Fallen Angel Reviews. Please come in and grab a cozy chair, and share some conversation with us.

Tell us, Julia, what is a day like for you?

It depends what day! I work shifts so it can be all over the place. But weekdays, once I've got past the palaver of getting the kids off to school, I have some time to write before work. At the weekends, if I'm not working, that's time to wear out kids and dog together by a huge walk. I live near to some stunning countryside in Sussex, so it's a real pleasure.

What an impressive cover on your website, along with some wonderful reviews on your books. Which book would you like to discuss with us today?
It is rather fabulous, isn't it? I'd love to talk about Ten Ruby Trick

Where did you get the idea to pen this story?
Do you know, I'm not 100% sure. I had these two characters in my head. I knew they were conning someone, and I knew they were pretending to hate each other in order to pull it off. She was teasing him about 'I love a smart man, know where I can find one?' After that, I wrote to discover who they were conning and why…

How long does it take you to finish a book from start to submission?
I'm getting quicker, lol. Ten Ruby Trick is my fastest to date though. I finished the first draft in 6 weeks-it was so much fun it just sort of fell out onto the page! Then I left it to sit for a while before I tidied it up. I suppose three months in total.

While writing, how does the story develop for you?
It's not so much the story-it's the characters that develop as I write them. Then I just follow them, what they desperately want, and what they are prepared to do about it.

Do you go from start to finish or create scenes as they come to you?
Mostly start to finish. Ten Ruby Trick was a bit odd that way, in that the first scene in my head actually occurs about half way through the book. I'd write a scene, and then think, actually what I need is a scene before this one to show…I had about three different places to start, each one getting earlier. Not usual for me, but it seemed to work!

When you choose your characters do they seem to stay with you even after the book is finished?
Oh, absolutely. Van Gast is too much fun to forget! I have a soft spot for all my characters, especially my heroes.

What would you say is the best gift you ever received in your years?
The most thoughtful gift was from my husband, after my son was born. The last month of pregnancy was torture-we had a heat wave, so you can imagine! Now, when it's hot, a nice cold pint of cider is divine (I think in the US its hard cider?) but of course I couldn't drink it. I couldn't eat my favorite cheeses either-brie, camembert and Stilton (a blue cheese) were frowned upon by the midwife. When I got home from the hospital, along with the flowers, my husband had left a half-pint bottle of cider and a whole camembert for me…. He'd put so much thought into what I'd missed for nine months.

If you could go back in time, what time period would you choose? And if you could take any dessert, or delicious drink or food, what would you take with you?
It depends, what mood am I in? Lol. Um. At the moment, the Viking culture looks good(I spent a lot of time researching just lately), depending ofc. And banoffee pie. Always banoffee pie (if you don't know it, here you are).

Do you have a favorite pair of shoes that you cannot do without?
Boots. All sorts of boots.

If you were to replenish your cabinets with one junk food, what would it be?
Mayonnaise. I'm kind of addicted…

If you were to plan a wedding, tell us what it would consist of?
Same as my own wedding - we had a Bugatti to get us there, a trike to take us to the reception and a really relaxed day, with the reception in our local pub, and some spectacular food our landlords laid on. A very laid back affair - it suited us. It even persuaded my anti-wedding cousin that weddings don't need to be formal. It's a great day - stress doesn't need to be part of the deal.

Can you give us your website, as well as your myspace or Facebook page?
Website and Facebook

Julia, thanks so much for taking the time to be with us today. I wish you the best with all your upcoming works.
Thank you for having me!

Interviewed by: Linda L.

Linda L.