Raine Delight Interview

Good Morning, Raine, and welcome back to FAR. It has been a while since we last spoke to erotic romance author, Raine Delight and I look forward to sharing time with you again today.
Thanks for having me at FAR, Linda. I always love coming here.

Raine, I love the soft colors of your website. If a reporter were to follow you around for a day, what would the readers see in a day in the life of Raine?
Man I live a very boring life. Well first, thanks to Lex Valentine for redesigning my website for me. She thought, and I rightly agree, that this is who Raine is and I love it!

Now for my day, I get up, get kids and honey out the door then by 8 am est, I am at work on the computer. I take an hour lunch break between 12-2 pm, kids come home between 3-4 pm est then I get offline to make dinner, get kids settled for night then maybe back to work for a few things I had left to do or I watch DVD with DH or play video games. I work from home so basically I live in lounge pants and t-shirts. LOL

Why don't we discuss your newest release, Fantasies Unbound?
Fantasies Unbound is a re-release of a formally titled book called Fairy Kisses & Magical Dreams. It's about a Fae prince who, if he wants to avoid an arranged marriage, needs to find his destined mate. What he doesn't expect is for her to be human and it's against Fae law to fall in love with a human. A meddling mother, an enchanted Faberge egg and a love that is destined. I had loads of fun writing it and since Prince Aryan has five brothers and sisters, there might be a sequel or two in the future but it all depends on the muse.

Where did you come up with the idea for this book?
I actually got it when I read an article on one of the last Romaonff's Fabrege Eggs and thought it would make a good story. Plus I wanted to write a fairy story and Aryan just started yelling. LOL

When compiling your stories do you find it easy to name your characters?
Some characters scream their name at me and others keep it secret until I am ready to scream.

What elements do you think make a good book?
Good cast of characters, chemistry between main characters and a fast paced storyline. I like strong, vulnerable characters...the ones with a tough outside but a soft, gooey center. :)

How would you describe your writing area?
*peers at desk* Very messy *laughs* I have papers, notebooks, research books, calendars and more all over the place and oddly enough I know where everything is. :)

What can we look forward to in the future from your magical fingers?
Well I have a ton of new releases and re-releases coming in 2011-2014. I left my one publisher and have signed with two new ones (Shadowfire Press and Secret Cravings). Below is a list of what is coming in 2011 from me. Release dates are not set in stone and may change due to publishing issues.

Shadowfire Press:

    June 17th: Space Pirates: Bounty (Sci-fi Ménage)*New Book Release*
    November 4th: Destined Mates 1: Bewitched by Destiny (Paranormal erotic Romance) *New Book/Series Debut*
    December 4th: Mistletoe Magic (Paranormal/Vampire/Holiday) *New Book*
    February 2012: Club Fantasy 1: Desires Unleashed (Paranormal BDSM Ménage) *New Book/Series Debut*

Secret Cravings Publishing:

    Devon Falls Series is being re-released and a never before seen book is making its debut as well.
    Sticky Magic (Book 1) Paranormal*Re-release*
    Red Hot Magic (Book 2) Paranormal/light bondage *Re-release*
    Fiery Magic (Book 3) Paranormal/dragon shifter *Re-release*
    Haunting Magic (book 4) Paranormal/wolf shifter *Re-release*
    Moonlight & Magic (book 5) Paranormal/Tiger Sifter *New Book Release*

All re-release have been re-edited and expanded for their respective publishers.

Plus I have a new secret project I am working on for 2012 that I won't announce until later this year. :-P

What makes a great book to you?
The connection the reader has with the story and characters. I have a few series/single books I adore because you connect with the storyline/characters immediately.

If you could describe yourself in 3 sentences, what would be your 3 sentences?
*blinks* You're making me think here Linda. *laughs*

I love being a cougar.

A good way to my heart is with a good book or two.

I love to pamper my man with a home cooked dinner and dessert.

When choosing a book to read, what first draws your attention, the blurb or the cover?
I admit I am a cover whore. LOL I love sexy, fun covers that convey what the story may be like. It's my first indication that it may be interesting though I have picked books that had awesome covers but not so great stories between them. *shrugs* Then if the cover grabs me, the blurb is read next. :)

If you could be a character in any movie, which movie would you choose?
Oh man…I need to think on this one…maybe anything opposite Johnny Depp. :)

What would you classify as your favorite time of day?
Morning/afternoon. I get a lot of work done because by evening I am ready to veg and de-stress.

Raine, you wake up one morning to learn that you are a pilot of an airplane. One hundred passengers are eagerly waiting for you to choose their destination. Where would you fly the plane this morning for a fabulous weekend?
Anywhere huh? Venice, Italy. I love Italian coulter and as I have relatives still there, I would love to experience the authentic Italian lifestyle. :-P Plus the food…..oh man that would be heaven.

Can you give us your websites, as well as the links that we can find out about your books?
Sure thing. Here are my links and I always love to hear from readers.

Website, Raine's Book Nook Blog, Twitter, Author/Reader Loop, Email me, Facebook, Shadowfire Press and Secret Cravings Publishing.

Raine, thank you for spending time with us today, and I wish you success with your releases. We look forward to more of your remarkable works that delight enormously.
Thank you for having me here Linda. Your questions were quite thought provoking. :)

Interviewed by: Linda L.

Linda L.