Brita Addams Interview

Today I'd like to welcome author Brita Addams to Fallen Angel Reviews. Thanks for taking the time to answer a few questions for us today Brita.
Thank you so much for having me. I appreciate the invitation.

To start, please tell us a little bit about yourself.
Well, I was born in upstate New York in the same small town as long-ago presidential candidate, Samuel J. Tilden. I've lived in the Deep South for more years than I wish to count and am not particularly enamored of southern charm. But my family is here and it's where I'll remain. I love to travel and my husband and I have done much over the course of our marriage. Whether by boat, plane or car, we're ready to go.

Please tell readers a little bit about your current release, Romeo Club 2: Rubbed the Right Way.
To start, Romeo Club is an interesting project for me. It's a collection of erotica shorts (5 to 6 thousand words). Being erotica, there is no romance or expectation of on, which is far different than anything else I've ever written. My intention is to write twelve to fifteen of the vignettes, each about a character exploring a particular kink or sexual fantasy. The only characters that are constant throughout are Aaron and Blake.

Now, Rubbed the Right Way is a smoldering hot piece about erotic massage. My guy Brady is intrigued by the description of the Club's master masseur's specialty and puts himself into Kyle's hands-literally. It's strictly, unapologetically sexy and meant to arouse and titillate. As I said, quite different from my other stories, where there are HEA endings.

When is the best time for you to indulge in your writing?
I wake up absurdly early, grab my coffee, and dive into my latest WIP. My home is very quiet and I have many hours during the day to write. My husband is retired and he and I have somewhat opposite schedules. He used to get up at the time he now goes to bed, I think in silent protest to all the years he adhered to a normal schedule. He actually wishes he didn't have to sleep at all and I join him in that. Such wasted hours.

What intrigues you about writing?
Hmm, I'm not sure intriguing is how I'd describe it. Maybe when I started, but now I look at it as a need, much like food or sleep. I bring what used to only reside in my imagination to the page, that's true creativity for me. Now, that anyone would read it, is what intrigues me. People actually buy my musings. I'll never get over that.

Where would you say is the most romantic place for you to visit to gather some story ideas?
I gather ideas everywhere I go. Restaurants, the movie theatre, riding in the car, sitting quietly in my living room, in my darkened bedroom either before I fall asleep or just as I wake up. I can't pinpoint a romantic place, really. I don't visit such things often, sad to say.

If a reporter were to follow you around for a day, what interesting facts would they learn about you?
Ha! That would indeed go down in history as the dullest day a person could spend. I am such a creature of habit, seriously. But they might learn that I am notoriously anti-telephone and praise the creator of Caller ID every day of my life. I have call screening down to a fine art. I rarely make phone calls, even to my kids. Sad, but true. Phones are time sucks.

I eat the same thing for breakfast every day - a cinnamon-raisin bagel with crunchy peanut butter with a cup of coffee.

I do laundry on Thursdays, religiously and have it done usually by ten.

I laugh a lot, denoting my generally sunny disposition. I do have a sense of humor, despite what my ingrate children say. :)

Then, of course, there's the really dull stuff that we needn't go into. LOL

Is there a particular author that you must run out and grab their next release to read?
Aleksandr Voinov, first and foremost. I'd read his shopping lists if he'd deign to send them to me. FAVE of all time.

What is one habit you have that you know you'll never change?
I put my husband's needs before my own and always have. Conversely, he puts mine before his and this arrangement has worked out quite well for almost 36 years. I wouldn't change a thing about that or him.

What is your favorite late night snack?
Tums, usually, after wolfing down a double chocolate brownie at nine o'clock. Acid reflux is a killer. LOL

Where do you consider the best place to vacation?
I've been to Hawaii several times and it is magnificent. Beauty at every turn. We did a cruise out of Hawaii a couple of years ago and that truly combined two of our favorite vacations. It was a ten-day cruise and I was a guest lecturer, which was great fun. Fabulous time!

Other than a money tree, what kind of tree would you like to have growing in your yard?
I actually live in a condo, so I don't have a yard. My husband always said he wished we had a concrete yard and now we do. LOL My least favorite tree is the one in my neighbor's yard that constantly drops leaves on our sidewalk. IF I had a yard, I suppose it would be a very old oak tree, a really big one.

If you could have a robot to perform the chore you hate most, what would the robot spend its time doing?
My robot would have to be a multi-tasker indeed, because I hate housework in any form. My husband cooks and no one can beat that, he's the best. My little robot would have to handle the general cleanup, taking care of our cat and puppy, laundry, DUSTING, UGH, what psycho invented dust and then came up with the idea that we shouldn't have it? *done venting* and anything else I can think of. Today I wish I had one to put up our Christmas tree. :)

Is there anything else you would like to add today or any links where readers can find you?
Thank you so much for having me. I love visitors, so drop by my site and say hi.

Thank you so much, Brita, for spending time with us today!

Interviewed by: Tammy