Jacquelyn Frank Interview

Today I am completely thrilled to be speaking with NYT and USA Today bestselling author Jacquelyn Frank. Jacquelyn, I cannot even tell you how much I love your books. Thank you so much for talking with me!
Thank you for having me. I am always delighted to be interviewed by FAR.

I have had my calendar marked for months for the release of Drink of Me. I understand this is a standalone book, so we aren't familiar with the world it takes place in. What can you tell us about this book?
It takes place in a completely different world. Not the earth we are familiar with at all. Our hero and heroine live a very rough existence. Our hero is the ruler of an outcast society. They are the pariahs of their world. Shunned by all the other races. Our heroine…well, let's just say, she has it even worse. Their paths cross and the rest is very, very interesting.

Stealing Kathryn was nothing short of genius. What do we have to look forward to next from The Gatherers?
I cannot answer that question because I do not have anything planned. Sorry!

I have adored all of your series, but The Nightwalkers has to be my absolute favorite. Are you planning on returning to the series anytime soon?
Yes, as a matter of fact I am. I am currently working on Nightwalker novel number six. The story will be about Jasmine and her mysterious hero. *Smiles*

How excited were you the first time you made it on the bestseller lists?
They haven't invented sex better than that yet!

What would you like to accomplish with your writing career?
I want to be the next Stephenie Meyer. No, wait. I want to be Jacquelyn Frank, but be as popular as Stephenie Meyer.

What is the biggest misconception about being an author?

A. That we make lots of money.

B. That we are stars like Richard Castle. Trust that there are more people who don't know who I am than do.

How do you know what to name your books or the characters?
Nine times out of ten, I pull it out of my ass. I'll meet a girl at McDonalds that has a really cool name or something like that.

Have you ever had an embarrassing moment at a book signing?
I think I farted once. Or, I was signing a book for an author one time and didn't realize who they were and said, "What's your name?"

I have found that some authors listen to music while they write. Do you listen to music or is it something that is distracting to you?
I listen to very LOUD music. Most often to a German techno and trance. I do my fight scenes to Albannach, a Scottish tribal drumming band.

Do you have a character that is especially close to your heart?
Magnus, because I was the most emotional while writing that book.

Most people only dream of becoming a successful writer. Now that you have accomplished that is there anything else you dream of doing?
Nope, this is it. A dream come true, so no, there is nothing else I dream of doing.

Do you have a favorite movie that you could watch over and over again?
My favorite movie is constantly changing. Right now I would have to say Avatar.

What can you tell us about your current projects?
Right now, I am working on Jasmine's story. I love her character and can't wait to tell her story.

How long are we going to have to wait for your next book? (Fingers crossed that it's not too long!)
Seduce me in Dreams will be released on March 22, 2011

Seduce me in Flames will be released in July, 2011

Kane, a short story from the Nightwalker universe will be released in October 2011; Jasmine will follow in November, 2011.

Do you have a website or blog where people can learn more about you and your books?
Absolutely. Visit me on JacquelynFrank.com or on Facebook.

Thanks again for taking the time to answer my questions. I just have to tell you once again how amazing I think your books are. You are such a brilliant writer and I hope we have lots more to look forward to from you. We at Fallen Angel Reviews really appreciate your time and responses. Thanks again!

Interviewed by: Tara