BJ McCall Interview

Today I am speaking with romance author BJ McCall. Good Morning BJ and welcome to Fallen Angel Reviews. It is a pleasure to have you with us today.

I must say I visited your website and like the way you have it organized. You have quite a selection of reading with some fabulous covers that are a knock out.

Why don't you tell us about your latest release?

My most recent releases are two holiday stories: Holiday Rush, published by Ellora's Cave and Canine Christmas published by Changeling Press.

Holiday Rush is the story of two lovers meeting again after seven years apart. On Christmas Eve, vampire Burke Cragmoor is stunned to find Marlis Holiday on his doorstep. What Marlis is offering is the ultimate rush. She wants to make up for the last seven Christmas Eves in one lust-filled night. Seven years is a flicker of time for a vampire and Burke can't resist making Marlis' Christmas wish come true. Despite the issues of age (he's really old), expected lifespan, and family disapproval; a night of passion convinces the lovers they truly belong together.

Canine Christmas is part of a multi-author series called Sugarplums. Joy Kingston is a Christmas baby and this year she wants something really wild for her birthday, a sexy hunk wearing a purple bow. She gets her wish, a handsome werewolf, Jake McCabe. Jake knows what he wants and he's willing to wear nothing but a purple bow to get it, but is Joy prepared for a werewolf who wants her for his mate?

Where do you get your ideas to compose all your wonderful stories?
Ideas for stories are always forming in my head, usually inspired by a character. In Holiday Rush, I wrote Burke's story. He's a vampire who gave up the human he loved because her family disapproved of the match. When Marlis comes back into Burke's life and he must once again confront the issues that had torn them apart.

Sometimes a story comes from a what-if scenario. What if my shifter heroine is a woman during the day and a dragon at night? That idea turned into a dragon tale, Nightflyer.

At times the inspiration springs from a desire to write a story about a career or job. Cosmic Cops is a three-book anthology about female police officers working on a space station, an isolated moon and a futuristic city. Wishing Moon is the story of a female werewolf who fixes wishes with a wand and pixie dust. Spaceport: Scavenger is the story of a female space junk collector who scoops up a damaged drone to sell for parts and has a hunky Alliance officer after her.

What can the readers expect from your talented fingers in the future?
A sci-fi story from Cobblestone Press titled Wildlander. Coming soon from Changeling Press are Mating Moon, a werewolf tale, and Nightwing, a sci-fi fantasy.

When is the best time for you to indulge in your writing?
Early morning is the best time for me. The quiet hours are precious. Give me a cup of black tea and my brain in running full throttle.

What intrigues you about writing?
Creating characters and telling their stories fulfills me. I have so many ideas in my head I have to get them out. I never tire of the process of jotting down an idea, inventing the characters and writing their story. It's always exciting to see the book cover for the first time. I can't describe how great I feel on the day the final product is released.

BJ, if a reporter were to follow you around for the first part of the day, what interesting facts would they learn about you?
I usually take a five mile walk. I'm fortunate to live close to the ocean for most of those five miles I have an inspiring view.

How would you describe your working space?
I live in a small house and I work on a laptop in my kitchen. When I travel, my laptop goes with me. If you're dedicated, you'll write anywhere.

Is there a particular author that you must run out and grab their next release to read?
I read daily and I enjoy various genres. I'm an avid reader of books by my friends, Kate Douglas and Emily Brightwell. I'm also a fan of Linda Howard and J.D. Robb.

What does the start of the New Year hold for BJ in upcoming works?
I have several WIP in the paranormal and sci-fi genres that I hope to finish and have published in 2011.

Do you belong to any loops or have a myspace? Can you share with us, along with your website?
I have a yahoo group, RedHotRomance that I share with author Mardi Ballou. I invite readers to check out my website.

What's your favorite comfort food that you cannot live without?
I love tacos and pizza. Now you know why I must walk five miles a day.

What is your favorite spice that you enjoy cooking with?
Cinnamon: the flavor is wonderful and it's really good for you.

Where do you consider the best place to vacation?
My favorite destination is Maui. I enjoy reading on the beach and snorkeling.

Is there anything else that you would like to share?
I'm really excited about the New Year and my upcoming books. I hope my sexy heroes will thrill my readers. I appreciate the opportunity to connect with fans of Fallen Angels. Happy 2011.

Interviewed by: Linda L.

Linda L.