Kristal McKerrington Interview

Fallen Angel Reviews would like to welcome Kristal McKerrington. Thanks so much for taking the time to sit and chat with us.
It's great to be here today. It's always an honor to do these for readers.

Hello Kristal, I visited your website, and I have to say, wow. I love the colors and the pictures.
Thank you my friend Drea did my site up for me and she is one really creative woman.

Why not begin the morning by telling us how your day begins once you step out of bed?
I get up, normally deal with the mail then find the kettle for my morning coffee or Tetley tea, before I hit the emails then the writing.

The readers would love to hear about your latest story; can you share some insight for us?
I'm working on a ground breaking story for Young Adult readers, that looks into Wrestling/Romance and a Writers life. I have just released the 1st of my Paranormal Series that is mapped out to be a 25 book series. I hope the second one to that will be out really soon called Immortal Chief's Christmas With King Arthur. I just had my stand alone book be released onto Amazon. Freedom Is Earned its a Hip Hop book so make sure you stop by to see that if your low on Ebooks.

Does it take you long to finish a book?
It can take any time between 4 weeks to 2 years depending on what it is that I'm working on. I have up to 7 series I'm working on just now, so that might give you a better idea.

When you begin your stories, do you outline or just go with the flow?
I do a little of both, I break the chapters down and work with flow to.

Do you have any future projects we can look forward to?
I have more then I can count to be honest. We have Time Traveling books, all my series are set in Scotland or England, bare two series A Different Life and Shetlands Immortals since they leave the Shetlands to go on an adventure that takes them all over the world. Most of the books I'm releasing have all got Scottish or English characters.

I know you like to write while in the tub. Are there any certain rituals that gets you in the mood when writing? Music, or making candles?
I always make coffee or tea when I'm writing. I have more lists of music playing then anything else. I try to make new lists for each book I'm working on.

Who would you rate as your number one author?
That is a really hard one to answer, I like Denysť B, Drea B, Renee V, Tina D and Gina C for the book world or for Prints I'm stuck between Sherrilyn Kenyon and Rachel Caine.

What does your writing place look like?
A mess, that is how I best work with, organized chaos.

Can you tell us something about you that makes you unique?
I'm a Gothic writer and yet I'm a Goth. I have a serious love for tattoos; I'm a retired dancer and love my Viking heritage.

What is your favorite flavor of ice cream?
Chocolate Chip Ice cream

You have 3 wishes, what are they?
1. I would change the health policy for the Wrestlers

2. Give them their wish of starring in a movie

3. I would make sure my boyfriend has 2 new bikes

If you could travel anywhere in the world for thirty days and just kick back and relax, where would you go, would you take anyone with you and why would you chose this vacation spot to go?
I would go travel to all of the book conference and promotions that XOXO Publishing would be having. I would stop off in Carolina, where I would visit Southern Pines for a piercing. My final place I would visit is TNA Impact for one of their tapings.

What is your favorite late night snack?
I love Angus Beef Crisps!

Why not share your website and any other links that the readers can click and get to know more about Kristal?
Sure, all of them are below. I do spend more time on Twitter then anywhere else so you will more likely get questions answered there.

Twitter, Author Site and Facebook.

You can buy my latest stuff at:

Thank you, Kristal, for sharing time with us today. It has been a pleasure talking with you.

Interviewed by: Linda L.

Linda L.