Corinne Davies Interview

I am so thrilled to be speaking today with the fabulous Corinne Davies. Corinne has penned several diverse series from steampunk to shapeshifters but no matter what the genre, you can count on them to be hot! On behalf of Fallen Angel Reviews, thank you so much for joining us!
Thank you for asking me to be here. I'm thrilled to be able to talk to you today.

I recently read Steam Powered Passion and I thought it was excellent. Can you tell our readers about this book?
Thank you! I'm thrilled you enjoyed it. I had a lot of fun dipping my fingers into this unique genre. Steam Powered Passion is a story about Viktorya (Tori) Gifrator. A woman who is handed over to pirates by her estranged husband in order to save his ship.

Malcolm and Sean are a couple of pirates who deliberately attacked the ship in order to get their hands on her. They know they need a woman in their relationship to balance them but they need to convince her she is perfect for them.

Steampunk is getting to be an increasingly popular genre with more readers getting turned on to it. What can you tell us about it and why did you choose to write steampunk?
I loved Steampunk before I ever had a name. If you think of the writings of Jules Verne or the movie League of Extraordinary Gentleman. Those are two good examples of this genre.

I called this series Steampunked Lust because the focus is still on the romance between the characters and not completely on the technology surrounding them. Although it is fun writing about all sorts of gadgets that really weren't developed at the time. I think it's the best of two worlds. You get all the glamour of a historical but with technology that's well far advanced for its time. Like pirates flying around in fantastic airships, infuriating a government that believes skyships should be outlawed.

Being Steampunk I could play with history or rewrite history. In my stories, William Wallace never died and his descendants still rule the Old World. A clan based society that accepts that love isn't restricted by the dictates of the New World. The New World is a strict, moral puritan society. But as always absolute power corrupts absolutely regardless of beliefs. And now the people are caught in the middle of a moral war.

Any upcoming releases you can tell us about?
The second book in my Steampunk series, Steamed Up Memories will be coming out this summer. I don't have an exact release date yet but it's on the coming soon page at Siren. This one is about Yzzi (Tori's sister) and the pirates Liam & Tristan.

In a misguided attempt to atone for her mistaken loyalty to her father, Yzabeau Gifrator branched out on her own to find the truth and ended up in more danger then she ever faced before.

Liam McKenna never forgot the girl he failed to protect from being taken from their village and now his days are filled with missions to locate women sold in the slave pits.

Tristan has loved Liam ever since the day he heard stories of a thirteen year old boy try to fight an entire New World garrison in an attempt to protect someone he cared about. But, their relationship has been built on the present without any true thoughts to a future.

Together will the three of them find a love strong enough to face the bitter memories that shaped them or will their pasts blow them out of the sky?

I played a bit more with the technical aspect of Steampunk and the world in which they live this time. But, the focus is always more on the characters and how they overcome obstacles to reach their Happily Ever After.

What are you currently working on?
Right now I'm working on the second book in my 3xtasy Lake series. Its working title is Embraced By Fur. This is a story about three brothers and the woman they are destined to love.

How about your recent shapeshifter series?
I have having a lot of fun getting to know the residents of this small town outside Algonquin Park. Every time I sit down to write I meet someone else new and interesting.

I have always liked the international feel of Toronto. The city is a melting pot for all sorts of cultures and traditions. When I created Extasy Lake I wanted to incorporate a similar feel on a smaller scale. This small town has all sorts of creatures, human and otherwise living in it. It's become known as a safe haven for those who need it.

Of all your characters and stories, do you have a favorite?
That's a hard question. I don't think I can name one although I have a soft spot for Joey, Gwen's little brother in Haunted Hearts.

I love the McKade brothers in the story I'm working on right now. They are all different and fun in their own ways. I'm quite envious of their heroine. : )

Why do you think erotic romance is becoming such an increasingly popular genre?
I think that society as a whole is becoming more accepting and open minded to alternate relationships and our fantasies are reflecting that. Romance novels have always been a written form of fantasying for me. Relationships in real life are hard work. In romance novels, they have to face obstacles but ultimately the characters get to live happily ever after.

What inspired you to write erotic romance?
I love reading it. So when I decided to sit down and write it made sense to focus on this style.

Which authors do you look to for inspiration? Tell us about your faves.
I really want to live in either Heather Rainier's Devine Creek or Sophie Oak's Bliss Colorado. :) The paperbacks piled up next to my bed right now are Nalini Singh's Psi/Changelings, Deborah Cook's Dragon shifters and Lora Leigh's Breed books.

Do you plot your stories in advance or do you write more by the seat of your pants?
I start each book with a good idea of where my characters are and where they will end up but everything between is written from the hip.

Is there a favorite movie you could watch again and again?
That's a long list. I love watching movies but Knight's Tale, Serenity, and the original Star Wars movies are at the top.

Do you have any guilty pleasures?
I'm an obsessive knitter. It's not unusual for me to have 6 projects on the go at any time and they are scattered all over. One in each room and one in my purse at all times. Let's not talk about how many actually get finished….

Is there a website or e-mail address where readers can learn more about you and your works?
My website. I can always be reached by email and I can be found on Facebook as well.

Once again, thank you so much for spending time with us. I wish you all the luck in the future and much success in your career. I'm looking forward to your next book!
Thank you so much for your support, Tara and for having me here today. I've had a lot of fun talking with you.

Interviewed by: Tara