Summerhouse Publishing Interview

Please help me in welcoming Celia Kyle of Summerhouse Publishing! Welcome to Fallen Angel Reviews! Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to visit with us.

E-publishing is a competitive market. What made you decide to create Summerhouse Publishing?
I found that there were authors, with perfectly good manuscripts, being rejected due to the fact that the publisher didn't believe there was a market for that particular genre/sub-genre. At SHP, a good book is a good book, with or without tentacles.

Plus, with the rise in self-publishing, I often read posts on forums by authors describing the hassle of self-publishing. While they wanted to self-publish for various reasons, there's a stigma involved along with additional costs. We're also trying to bridge that gap with our royalty and business structure. We begin our royalty rate at 60% of net up to 70% of net as sales grow. This provides authors with an excellent return on their investment and a copy-edited book with a professionally designed cover and marketing assistance.

How long did the development process take?
It took several months of discussion, development and research to finally decide that we wanted to move forward.

What do you think sets Summerhouse apart from other e-publishers?
I believe we have an open mind and are constantly striving to stay on top of today's technology. Part of that initiative is the simultaneous opening of our Facebook store. All of our books will be available via the Facebook store in addition to our website and other major etailers. We're looking to the future and social networking is going to be a big part of it.

How can authors contact you about their submissions?
My electronic door is always open at

Do you accept stories from authors who have been at a publishing house that has closed down, if the author has received their contracts back?
Absolutely. We also do not require the author to have previously published with us in order to re-release one of their works.

Can you tell us how many authors you have contracted at this point?
Thirteen authors have joined our house since we opened for submissions in January.

What is your goal for Summerhouse Publishing?
SHP wants to publish books readers want to read. Obviously, this is the goal of every publisher, but we also want authors who push boundaries or submit works that some may classify as "weird". We also want to remain relatively small when compared to some other larger publishers. We want to be able to focus on our authors and provide them with as much support and assistance we can.

How many books do you plan to release each month?
Our plan is to release four books per month (one per week) though that may go up as time progresses. We're quite full for 2011, so I may sneak in an extra release here and there.

Do you have any encouraging words for those who wish to submit to your press?
Take a deep breath and hit "send". I was an author before I opened Summerhouse Publishing so I know what you're going through. Don't stress the small stuff and take the plunge.

In addition to books for purchase, you also have free reads. What made you decide to offer free stories?
Our authors wanted to present their readers with a "gift" and we're assisting them by distributing and featuring their books. Readers love to read and the free books are our way of saying "thanks for the support".

If Summerhouse was a person, how would you describe them?
Eclectic. While we're fully focused on producing quality romance and erotica, we accept a variety of heat levels and sub-genres. From sweet historical to horror erotica, we have a bit of it all and we like it that way.

Is there a forum readers can join that will keep them updated on new releases and events?
We've got a yahoo group for readers as well as a newsletter. Readers can register for the newsletter via our website.

Is there anything else you would like to share with us?
I'd like authors to know that my door is always open. If you have questions, I'll do my best to answer them. We want authors to be excited about publishing with us because we'd be thrilled to have them.

Celia, I know this is a busy and exciting time for Summerhouse Publishing. I appreciate you taking time to answer my questions today and wish you the best of luck!

Interviewed by: Tammy