Jaymie Holland Interview

Today I have the pleasure of speaking with author Cheyenne McCray about her alter-ego, Jaymie Holland.

What made you decide to write under a pen name?

I wanted to write books that are a little more erotic than my other work and it was a way to distinguish them for my readers. Some prefer them more erotic, some less.

What is the hardest thing about writing under a pen name?
It's not difficult writing under one pen name. However, two or more can be a challenge. Probably the biggest challenge is that both names need to be promoted to be successful. Readers need to know you have books available that they want to read.

Please tell readers a little bit about your current Jaymie Holland releases, the Taboo series.
Taboo is a series of romantic erotica novellas available to my readers for 99 cents each from Kindle, Nook, and Smashwords. I thought it would be fun to give my readers hot reads at a fun price.

Three from the series are available now:

Taking it Home (a handyman makes a house call and gets more than just repairs done around the house.)

Losing Control (a masked ball, a sexy masked man, a woman in a cat woman outfit , restraints and a bunch of other wicked toys)

Alluring Stranger (a woman who meets a match in online dating and gets into erotic fantasies she wants to come true. She gets more than she dreamed.)

"Taboo Desires" is a collection of three novellas in one due out in June. Wicked Night is a high school reunion-a good girl and a very bad boy-that leads to lust and passion. Take a Peek is voyeur meets exhibitionist and wild times experienced in the most unique places. Hot Stuff is a woman meets the fireman of her dreams and things get hotter than she ever experienced.

Why do you think erotic fiction is so popular right now?
It's something women have discovered that they love reading. It began gaining popularity when I first started writing it in 2002 and almost ten years later it is unbelievably so.

I also think that in the past, so many of the covers and the titles caused women to stay away buying erotic books. Now they can download online and read on their Kindle, Nook, or other reading device, and what they read remains private.

Please tell readers a about your August release, Taken by Passion.
Taken by Passion is a reprint of Wonderland: King of Hearts. St. Martin's Griffin is re-publishing the award-winning Wonderland series under different titles and with Jaymie's name. However, the series, as Wonderland by Cheyenne McCray, is still available online in ebook now.

What is the best advice that anyone ever gave you?
My mom's and my dad's encouragement to pursue my dream of writing, and their wise words: never let someone tell me that I will not succeed, and never give up.

What do you see as the biggest influences on your writing?
My muse and wherever it takes me. From the time I was a kid I would dream of fantastical places and beings and other fun things. I've always read a lot and have probably been influenced by countless authors.

Where do you hope to take your writing in the future?
I plan to write more novellas and to start writing a new full novel-length series soon!

Most people only dream of becoming a successful writer. Now that you have accomplished that, is there anything else you dream of doing?
To visit Europe again is my next goal.

We all have one, so tell us yours. What is your favorite comfort food?
Ice cream. Hands down.

What is the one thing you've always wanted to do but never had the courage / opportunity to try?
At one (a really long time ago) I dreamed of hiking the GR 5 Europe.

Now I'll gladly tour European cities by moped. : )

Describe yourself in 5 words.
Friendly, fun, creative, loyal, tenacious

Can you tell us a little about we can expect to see from Jaymie Holland in the next 6 months?
More novellas and collections in the Taboo series will be coming out for Jaymie as well as the re-releases of the Wonderland series with St. Martin's: Taken by Passion is due out August 16, 2011 and Claimed by Pleasure out in October 2011.

Readers can learn more about this series at Jaymie's website.

Do you have a website or blog where readers can learn more about you and your works?
Jaymie has a brand new website and it's gorgeous! I also have a beautiful website.

My newsletter includes a monthly contest, Jaymie's Facebook page, Cheyenne McCray's Place. Follow me on Twitter! @CheyenneMcCray

Is there anything else you would like to add today?
I love getting feedback from readers on what they liked about my books and why, and what they would like to see. Facebook as made it fun to interface with my readers. I hope people visit me there and say hello.

Thank you for taking time to speak with me today!
Thank you so much for having me!

Interviewed by: Tammy