Cat Grant Interview

Today we are pleased to have in our midst, Cat Grant. Hello Cat, how are you doing today? It is good to have this interview with you.

Let me first offer you congrats, for, both Entangled Trio and The First Real Thing for being FINALISTS in the 2012 EPIC Awards, in the erotica category. That is really great news.

Thank you! It's quite an honor. I'm still a bit stunned.

I see hot off the presses, you have a new book being released, Once A Marine. It sounds very interesting. I love the visualization and dialogue you instill into the opening. It grabs and pulls the reader into the storyline.Where did the idea for this story derive?
I've been wanting to write a m/m romance with a DADT theme for a couple of years now, but I had to wait until the policy was officially repealed before I could give it a happy ending.

I'm also a huge admirer of MSNBC commentator Rachel Maddow, and I'd been following her continuing series of interviews on her show with servicemen and women who'd been dismissed under DADT. They all struck me as honest, dedicated, honorable human beings who absolutely did NOT deserve to be discharged from service to their country simply because of who they love. So I knew whatever I ended up writing had to be respectful of the enormous sacrifices they'd made.

What three things interest you about writing erotic romance stories?
Three things, huh? Well, how about I give you one? What I love most about writing erom is charting the shifting dynamics in my characters' emotional development through their romantic/erotic interactions. Every sex scene should show another step in that progression. If it doesn't - out it goes.

Is your writing schedule hectic?
When I'm actually writing - yes, most definitely. I'll let everything else fall by the wayside, including housework. You don't want to see my apartment when I'm two weeks into a new book! I try to clear my entire schedule so I can blast through the initial drafting process.

What is your favorite part of the book, the beginning, the middle or the end?
The middle. Beginnings are the hardest part for me, and I ALWAYS end up having to rewrite the ending.

What is your average time to finish a book?
I can draft a 50,000 word novel in a month. And then spend another month and a half doing edits and rewrites!

In the next three years, how many books do you see yourself composing?
I'd like to keep to my current schedule of four books a year. Preferably two novels and at least a couple of novellas. 30-50K seems to be the "sweet spot" for me.

Are you an organized person?
Organized as in, "I know where everything is," or as in, "My house is as neat as a pin"? Definitely the former!

As the year draws closer to an end, have you started making any plans for anything special in your life for next year?
The only event I have planned right now is Authors After Dark in New Orleans next August, and the second GayRomLit retreat. But I'm also considering RT. Depends on how the finances and scheduling work out.

Congratulations, Cat, you have been given a free vacation trip to, New Zealand, Alaska, or Austria, which would you choose and why?
Gosh, talk about a hard choice! Think I'd go with New Zealand. I'd love to take the Lord of the Rings tour!

If you could choose one favorite author to be with you on a sinking ship headed to a desert island, to be stranded for a month, who would you choose?
I wouldn't choose another author to be shipwrecked with! I'd choose my current favorite actor (and muse) Michael Fassbender. Of course, I wouldn't get any writing done with him around, but I doubt either of us would care. ;)

Which do you like best, sunsets, or sunrises?
Sunsets. I'm never awake to see the sunrise.

What would a carefree day be like for Cat, if she could have anything to her liking?
I wouldn't mind a nice spa day, with a cute Fassbender clone massaging me ALLLL over. :)

What is your favorite meal of the day, breakfast, lunch or dinner? And what would the meal consist of?
I've never been much of a breakfast eater. My stomach doesn't like solid food before noon. So I guess I'd have to say dinner. And I don't really care what's served, as long as I don't have to cook it, and there's plenty of good wine to go along with.

Cat, can you give the readers your website, myspace, Facebook, or link to buy your books?
Oh, I'm not hard to find! You can catch me on Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads, My website and my Amazon author page. Or my book list over on Are. And you can pre-order Once A Marine here.

This has been a pleasure, Cat. I love the fact that you and I enjoy some of the same shows. Supernatural, Torchwood, Remington Steele, The Man from UNCLE, (when I was growing up, it was my favorite show), The L Word and Turner Classic Movies. It is nice to meet someone who enjoys some of the things I do. I wish you the best with your writing.

Interviewed by: Linda L.

Linda L.