Kari Gregg Interview

Today I'd like to welcome author Kari Gregg to Fallen Angel Reviews. Thanks for taking the time to answer a few questions for us today Kari.
Thanks for having me! :D

To start, please tell us a little bit about yourself.
I'm a wife, mother, erotic romance author, and fan of zombie flicks/slasher movies. I adore life's little bits of absurdity (very entertaining) and thinking outside the box. My love of the skewed perspective, I think, can be seen in the stories I write, which I think tend to be just a wee bit left of center. ;-p

Could you tell readers a little bit about your current release Collared?
Connor Witt is a rare anomaly, whose center of aggression has been suppressed rather than stimulated by the unfolding biological disaster in which genetically altered crops mutated and propagated in the wild. CEO David Martin, Connor's boss, collars him to protect Connor when security consultant Emmett Drake scents Connor as sexy prey. David can't be Connor's master, though; David's straight. Or is he? Irresistibly drawn to both men, Connor must choose. Quickly. Congress is in session to vote on the legal status of anomalies -- For men like Connor, time may be running out.

What was the most challenging part of writing Collared? The most rewarding?
The most challenging was...Connor is devastated. Wholly and completely devastated. And hopeless. Being inside his head was so uncomfortable, I wrote that scene in dribs and drabs of a couple hundred words. It dragged on forever, took far longer than it should've and emotionally drained me dry. Writing that scene was difficult beyond measure. The most rewarding? The revising and polishing, of course. That's when the magic happens, when a good story takes shape and comes to life.

How long have you been writing?
I started back in school, but I didn't start writing novels until...Well, I'd decided I'd finish my first novel by my 30th birthday. Which I did. My other goal before 30 was to have another baby, though, which I also did. Explains a lot about why I didn't get back into serious writing until much later. ;-p

What is your favorite type of genre to read?
Paranormals, I'm especially fond of. Shifters, vamps, zombies, I love them all.

Have you ever went back and read your own books for pleasure?
No, not really. I've found that going back to read them...I can't change them anymore and I always seem to find places I feel like I could have improved. It's embarrassing, really. I am heading back into the Spoils of War sequel, Plunder, so I'm re-reading it. By focusing on getting back inside Micah's head, I'm finding it to be more of a pleasure, though.

How important is research in your writing?
Well, it depends on the world and the story. If it's set in a place I've never been, of course, I'll have to research it. Creative license is only going to take you so far. Or, like with the zombie story I'll be working on in tandem with Plunder, I've done a lot of reading about how quickly our infrastructure can be expected to crumble.

Where would you say that you get your most creative ideas?
Oh, the ideas come from everywhere. The important thing, to me, is letting those ideas sit and mature. Same goes with stories, actually. I get the bones of a book down and then I let it sit for a while. I let it develop. Same goes with the premise leading up to those stories, except with ideas, I can stew on those worlds for years before I'm ready to run with them.

If you could ask readers any one question, what would it be?
How do YOU see digital publishing and LGBT fic changing over the next several years -- what would YOU like to see happen and what would you like to see less of? (I suppose, except for the grace of creative punctuation, that's three questions. Oops. LOL)

Could you tell us what you're currently working on?
I'm working on the Spoils of War sequel, Plunder, and will be working on a zombie apocalypse story along with it. For the most part, though, I'm working on edits for my M/M BDSM mystery for Loose Id, In the Red. Brian Foster is my forensic accountant who is just so deliciously...crazy. Love. Him.

If you could go back in time, where would you go and when? What is one thing you would want to take with you?
The deck of the RMS Titanic prior to the sinking. (I'm an amateur historian of the disaster.) I'd take whatever gizmo brought me to that time because I sure want off that ship before things get hairy.

What is the wackiest job you can think of that you would like to do?
I worked short-term assignments as a temp...Some of those jobs were boring, like answering the phone for a company. Others were...interesting. Such as dressing up as a gopher to march in a parade. Best. Job. EVAH.

Is there anything else you would like to add today or any links where readers can find you?
Thanks for having me! If you would like to catch up with me, caffeinate yourself and head on over to my Website. Friend me on Facebook, Twitter and Goodreads.

Thank you so much Kari for spending time with us today!
Thanks for having me! :D

Interviewed by: Tammy