Arley Cole Interview

Today I have the pleasure of speaking with author Arley Cole. Thanks for being here today Arley, welcome to FAR!

To start, can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

Thank you so much for letting me be here! I live in Alabama with my husband and teenaged daughter since the sons have moved out of the nest, and am owned by a 12 year old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel named Bruno.

Please tell readers a little bit about your current release, The Blacksmith's Daughter.
The Blacksmith's Daughter is my first novel, after several published short stories. It is a fantasy with romance and will be out on October 21 from Musa Publishing. Enith, our blacksmith heroine, finds herself embroiled not only in a relationship with the liege lord of her country, Acwellen Lex'Magen, but also in the midst of much political intrigue. She is also discovering abilities she never realized she had-and Acwellen seems to know more about them than she does!

What inspired you to write The Blacksmith's Daughter?
I have had so many people ask me if my dad was a blacksmith! No, he was not and that one is getting old fast. At the risk of sounding trite, I did indeed dream the opening bit with Enith and Acwellen. It was one of those really vivid dreams that had dialogue and everything. So I made notes and ran with it.

Is there a message in your story that you want readers to grasp?
There are some themes of finding yourself and your place that I think are important. Practically all the characters discover very important things about where they come from or who they want to be.

What would you like to accomplish with your writing career?
I want more time to write! I want what every writer wants---to make it be their real, fulltime gig. I've got a good day job, but there's never enough time to write.

Can you tell us a little about your other upcoming works?
I am getting ready to tackle the big work on the sequel to TBD, The Merchant's Son. This book comes more from Nerian Elidor's persepective. I love Nerian. I can't wait to spend more time in his head! He definitely has issues.

What is the best advice that anyone ever gave you?
My daughter told me that if all my stuff stayed on the hard drive of my computer, nobody else would ever get to enjoy it as much as she had. So I got off my tail, edited the crap out of the book, and started sending it off. My initial goal was that somebody would read the entire manuscript. All I wanted was one reader. It turned out that my reader was Celina Summers at Musa and she loved it. I was over the moon! Thanks, Camille and Celina!!

While writing, how does the story develop for you? Do you go from start to finish or create scenes as they come to you?
OMG, I hate to admit how I work! I go to the ironing board and start ironing. Entire scenes and major plot points coalesce for me as I iron. There is something about turning my hands loose on a task that frees my mind. When I was plotting really hard, I was ironing everything, underwear, t-shirts, whatever it took to get that next scene. Then when I was writing, I'd let the ironing pile up so I'd have something to work with when I got stuck! Right now I've saved weeks' worth of clothes in preparation for The Merchant's Son. I will also go iron at your house if I run out at mine!!

Where do you hope to take your writing in the future?
I have so many ideas in so many genres! I'd really love to build a reader base as Arley Cole with YA fantasy/romance and science fiction. But I've got a Regency in the works as well as a finished inspirational romance that I need to polish and place.

Since everybody needs a break, even when doing something they love, how do you like to spend your time away from writing?
We love to go to the Tennessee River. We've got a small cabin cruiser-our camper on the water-and the hubby and I love to get away up there at any time of the year. Some of our best trips have been when there is snow on the ground. We love it!

We all have one, so tell us yours. What is your favorite comfort food?
I think I could eat pizza until I puked, then have another slice. I would have room for it then.

Describe yourself in 5 words.
Inventive, friendly, genuine, open, weird, and of course creative.

Do you have a website or blog where readers can learn more about you and your works?
Please friend me on Facebook and on my blog. I am not nearly as prolific a blogger as I ought to be. I am afraid I will start telling everything. And I mean everything. That kind of honesty makes for a good blog but has serious repercussions in personal relationships. I already talk too much.

Is there anything else you would like to add today?
Thanks again so much for having me today! This has been such an incredible ride, and I cannot thank the innovative, supportive folks at Musa Publishing enough for bringing me into the amazing company they are creating. I really think they see the future of e-publishing in all its potential.

Thank you for taking time to speak with me today Arley.

Interviewed by: Tammy