Kristin Battestella Interview

Today I have the opportunity to speak with Kristin Battestella. Hello Kristin, and welcome to Fallen Angel Reviews. I hope you are doing well this morning.
Morning? My foot!

Why don't we begin the day by discussing your latest book? Would you tell the readers something about it, please?
Punishment: Lilith's Trials is the second book in my new FATE and FANGS: Tales from the Vampire Family series going on now with Muse It Up Publishing. We began in August with Love: Ann and the Viking, and Tale 3 Struggle: Elizabeth in America is forthcoming in October. FATE and FANGS is hosted by the fictional Professor James, and these 7 novellas get dark down and deep with characters from my 2008 novel The Vampire Family, which is in paperback now with Eternal Press. In Punishment, we spend some time with the Welshire Family's enemy Lilith. Her vile nature and fantastical abuses are put on trial by the demonic advocate Mestiphles in his wicked Void of darkness and pain. Will she learn and apply the cruel lesson he teaches?

Is there any special routine to help you get in the mood to write?
I don't know about mood, but I like certain hours of the day, generally late night and overnight times. It has to be quiet, a little spooky. Sometimes I play music or a show. Thunderstorms are best! Other times it is just a frenzy where you wake up in the middle of the night with an idea that has to get on to the page. So long as the proverbial muse is willing, I'm always in the mood!

Have you ever found yourself playing out the role of the character as you write the story?
I sometimes find myself doing the mannerisms of a character without realizing it, yes. When I'm typing their action, I find myself doing it, or speaking as I expect they would if I'm reading it aloud. I'm not quite sure what causes it, as I'm not expressly writing something based upon myself. But something in there must be part of me, as it manifests in the writing. Obviously since my hands are occupied with the typing, occasionally I notice that my shoulders are moving and shrugging as I click away. If you're writing in the presence of others, it's a little embarrassing, I must say. Like you've just been caught playing! When I was younger and first started making up stories, yes I played it all out in costumes! I'm a little more behaved in that regard now as a grown up, but it is important to let that childhood zest come forth time and again. Teehee!

Are there any other books as work in progress right now?
I'm working on the next full length novel in The Vampire Family universe. I stink at titles but I'm calling it Requiem for the Vampire Family. I have lots of short stories that I always say I'm going to finish and never go back to them! I was also doing some editing work with fellow EPer Leigh Wood on her erotic fantasy Horns of Myleness. Kinky unicorn stuff!

What does your workstation look like?
I have a few! I do love my little recliner by the window, but I've also got a set up where I sit with my blue exercise ball beside the television. Right now there is a cauldron of granola bars and fake creepy crawlies on the half wall beside my ball, too. I don't know why I tempt myself! My desktop computer has been wonky and I'm not using it as much, but that's where all the goofy stuff is- corkboard covered with stuff, piles of paper on either side, toys, flight simulator controls...Those aren't mine, they belong to my husband actually, but it's fun to press a few buttons if you're working on a science fiction story.

Do you remember what you were doing when you got the call that your story had been accepted?
Nowadays, I'm usually just getting the email. Not that it changes any of the glee! I do, however, remember one of my first rejections as a teen. My dad brought the letter to the ice rink when he picked me up from hockey practice. I was so excited to get the envelope but of course devastated by the no. But that gave me the discipline to keep trying and mailing things out there. Knowing all the work it takes, it is such a delight and joy when that happy happy email arrives! I was particularly giddy when Lea sent the acceptance for FATE and FANGS, however. I didn't think a set of shorter material was going to find a market and I had just resigned myself to not having a title out this year, when low and behold, yay!

Have you ever considered writing a screen play or perhaps already written one?
I haven't written one per say, I've written plays in the past and done some script drafts, but I suspect the notion occurs to every writer. Who would you cast if you're book were a movie? We all do it, but I never get around to adapting a novel or formalizing the draft. It would be nice to be that kind of special, wouldn't it?

If you could write a story with a famous author, who would you choose, living or dead?
Wow, while it would be cool, I wouldn't collaborate with anyone at the expense of myself no matter who it is. As a writer getting my own worlds and stories on the page is paramount to me. I don't mean that in a snotty way, but I've got more then I can finish in my lifetime, so I don't think I'd be working on someone else's material in a shared creative capacity any time soon. Having said all that, I do love Charles Dickens, that would be fun, maybe to play with an old printing press and all that, too. Jesus would be fun, but not for totally literary reasons, of course.

You have plans for a very romantic evening and would like to share the tips with your readers. Tell the readers what you consider the best plans to really make the night shine?
Well, guys don't care for romance, you just have to give them what they want whilst making it fun for yourself! You cook a great dinner, something special with a hint of unique but also a favorite. A good steak maybe, something a man can dig in and get primal with! Then some wine, candlelight. Meanwhile you dress nice, put on some perfume, and wait for the gratitude. Parsley, sage, rosemary, and thyme go a long way!

Kristin, would you share with us your website, MySpace, Facebook, or blog with us?
Bam! Blog, Website, LiveJournal, The Vampire Family Facebook, MySpace, Yahoo Group and My Facebook

What would you say is your best way to travel?
I would like a motorcycle, feeling the breeze and freedom, but you can't pack a hockey bag on the back of a bike! I like my car, maps, and driving to new and fun places. But I can't stand traffic! Truly, I like being able to walk places. Exploring, snooping, breathing fresh air. Bliss.

Do you have a favorite food or dessert? Or a favorite recipe that you would like to share with us?
My Mother wouldn't like if I shared her recipe for Rice Pie! I love pasta and pizza naturally, and have an obsession for tomatoes and home brewed iced tea. I make all kinds of tea- so long as it is cold! Desserts, I don't eat very much, I'm not a sweet tooth person. But a good piece of chocolate no and again and some cannolis and pizzelles for the holidays is just right to me.

If you could go back in time, what time era would you love to visit?
Ew, tough choice! I love all kinds of history and times and places. Biblical times would be awesome, but so would Ancient Rome, Greece, or Egypt. Or England when Stonehenge was built. But I love medieval stuff too and Elizabethan era. Ah, I'd just 'Begin the Beguine' and work my way up I suppose.

You have just won a trip to take your family and some of your friends, anywhere in the world for a week long vacation. Where would your destination be? And what particular item do you have to carry along with you?
We'd go to Italy of course like any self respecting Italian famiglia! We've all thought about moving back there, but that would be a major undertaking obviously, and I'm generally a homebody. For me, the best part of a vacay- no matter how magical- is coming home! As to what particular item I couldn't leave home without and never ever do, I'm not sharing about that! I do however, tend to take my ice skates everywhere. You never know when you might be near a rink. In fact, this last weekend away for our anniversary, I didn't take them and there was a rink in the complex with the hotel! Typical!

Again, thank you very much, Kristin for taking time to speak with us today. I wish you the best in all your writing and look forward to more delights in the future. I also wish you the best always with your health.
Thanks for the great chat Linda!

Interviewed by: Linda L.

Linda L.