Mari Carr Interview

I am especially thrilled for the opportunity to chat with Mari Carr, one of my very favorite authors and an all around amazing lady. Whether it's her series' or her standalone books, they never fail to bring the heat and touch the heart. On behalf of Fallen Angel Reviews, thanks so much for joining us!

I have to start with your Wild Irish series. Saturday Night Special is my all time favorite erotic romance. The Collins family is completely hysterical and the sex is off the charts. I know the series is finished, but can we expect (hope) to see the Collins family again?

You have no idea how happy it makes me when you say you love Saturday Night Special. That was my favorite in the series as well! Had a blast writing that story. I am currently working on a Wild Irish quickie/Christmas story that will flashback to when Pat and Sunday met. It's been such a treat for me to revisit these characters again!

The Compass Brothers series you co/author with Jayne Rylon is hot! What can you tell us about it?
The series revolves around the four Compton brothers who leave their family ranch in Wyoming to seek greener pastures. They believe the grass is greener on the other side, but ultimately discover that home is where the heart is. Northern Exposure is the story of Silas, the oldest brother, who travels to Alaska when things at home get too rough for him. A tragic accident brings him back to Wyoming and leaves him wondering why he ever left at all. In Southern Comfort, Seth--a true rancher at heart--wants to try his hand as foreman on a big-time Southern ranch. He moves to Texas where the daughter of his new boss catches his eye…and his heart. Eastern Ambitions is the story of identical twin, Sam. Sam's always been different from his other brothers. Where they're sweat and muscles and rock-hard cowboys, he's suave, sophisticated and longs for the bright lights of the big city. When things in New York don't turn out the way he planned and he learns his family needs him, he returns and figures out that he has more to offer on the ranch than he realized. In the final book, Western Ties, Sawyer, Sam's twin, escaped the ranch by way of the Coast Guard. While at a BDSM club, he meets up with Leah, the girl back home. When she inadvertently reveals the trouble facing his family, Sawyer returns to Compass Pass-angry at his brothers for keeping him in the dark. Maybe Leah can help soothe some of his pain.

What is it like to write with a partner?
This is my first foray into co-writing a series and I have to say, I chose an AWESOME partner. Jayne's a fantastic writer. She can write some of the dirtiest, hottest sex scenes I've ever read! In the series, she's taken the lead on Northern Exposure and Eastern Ambitions, while I'm doing the majority of the writing for Southern Comfort and Western Ties. There are several "repeat" scenes we wrote together.

If you had to choose a book or character that is especially close to your heart, which would it be?
This is an unbelievably difficult question. Typically the book closest to my heart is the one I'm writing. Right now, that would be Western Ties. However, if I had to think of stories that have stuck with me, I'd have to say Sugar and Spice, Saturday Night Special, Do Over, and Friday I'm in Love are books that are especially near and dear to my heart.

What is your creative process like?
There are two "perfect" environments for me in terms of writing. I'm a morning writer and I need quiet. If those two things happen, I'm a happy camper and the words flow. Trouble is making those two worlds diverge!

From where do you find inspiration?
Everywhere! Seriously. I'm a people watcher and often, a brief conversation will spark a story idea.

Are any of your characters based on real people?
Um…I think I need to plead the fifth on this! Especially if my work colleagues ever discover my pen name and happen to read Happy Hour and Slam Dunk! LOL

How did you come to the decision to write erotic romance?
It was an easy decision for me. I simply started writing what I LOVE to read. Romance has been my go-to genre for most of my life. I started with the YA sweet romances in middle and high school then moved on to my regency phase during my twenties and early thirties. Now I'm in midst of my wild and crazy forties and I like my romance with lots and lots of sex!

Which authors and books are your personal faves?
Oh wow-how long can this list be? I'm a huge Gabaldon fan. I devoured the Outlander series and Jamie Fraser is still the epitome of the alpha hero to me. I'm crazy about Lexxie Couper's contemporary romances-that gal is hilarious! Lila Dubois writes amazingly sexy, turn on the AC, erotic romances and I've been fortunate to serve as critique partner for Rhian Cahill the last few years. That girl has made me a paranormal fan!

You do know I've got a little girl crush on you, right? : )
Oh, thank God. I was so afraid my feelings for you were one-sided. Seriously-I loved meeting you at RT in April. One of the highlights of that conference for me.

If you had a movie you could watch over and over, what would it be?
Um…don't laugh, but my all-time favorite movie is Overboard. I've watched it a gazillion times. Know all the lines and I still laugh!

Can you tell us about what you've got in the works or coming soon?
Yay! Love answering this question. I have a couple books coming soon and I can't wait until they release. On Sept. 27, Slam Dunk (the latest book in the Black & White collection at Samhain) is releasing. It's the sequel to Happy Hour. I had loads of readers write me requesting Trey's story. If you read Happy Hour, you'll know Trey was the "third" in the ménage in that book, however, he wasn't part of the HEA. In Slam Dunk, he meets the woman who turns his head and takes him on a wild ride.

Another book I'm excited to see releasing is Party Naked. It's the first book in my new Ellora's Cave series, Cocktales. It revolves around four girlfriends who own and operate (my dream business) Books and Brew (a bar/bookstore). They are red-hot novellas and I had a ball telling Stephanie and Jarod's story in Party Naked. I hope it will release late Sept./early Oct. Other books in the series will include Screwdriver, Bachelor's Bait, and Screaming Orgasm.

Do you have a website or address where our readers can learn more about you and your books?
I sure do. My website addy is I update it myself and I try to make sure all the most current info is on there the moment I receive it!

Thank you so much for taking the time to speak with me. You seriously rock and your books are terrific. I can't wait until the next one!
Thanks so much for the invitation! This was fun. : )

Interviewed by: Tara