Linda Kage Interview

Today at FAR, we have the privilege of speaking to Contemporary Adult and Young Adult Romance author, Linda Kage. Hello Linda. It's good to have you with us today. Thank you for taking time from your busy schedule to speak with us.

I enjoy the slideshow of pictures that displays on your site. I would like to say congratulations on Hot Commodity, as a finalist in the 2012 EPIC's eBook Awards Contest. I wish you the best.

Why not tell us a little about Linda this morning, and how her day goes? Also, does your nine cuckoo clocks all chime at the same time?
Good morning! Thanks so much for having me here. This is so exciting. I'm glad you liked my slideshow. I love showing off pictures of my little girl she turned two February 10th!! She and I live with her 'dada' (my husband) in southeastern Kansas. When I'm not chasing her around the house, I have a day job at an academic library in the acquisitions department. So after spending all day buying books (I only wish they could all be romance books!), I go home and write them.

The cuckoo clocks do not run all the time anymore (not since baby was born); mainly because they do not chime at the same time no matter how much we tried to set them in sync. Now we only run them whenever Kiddo points and demands to see a cuckoo. She loves them. And every clock she sees now is not just a clock; it's a "cuckoo" clock!

Could you tell us a bit about your recent release?
The Right to Remain Mine released February 6th at Champagne Books. It's about a big tough cop who doesn't like lawyers, and a sexy lady lawyer who isn't a fan of overbearing macho men. But no matter how much the two fight whenever they see each other, they can't keep their hands off one another. And thus begins an affair which causes a whole heap of problems.

When writing, what draws you to composing these types of genres?
I can't handle a story without a budding romance in it or a story that lacks a happily ever after. So I guess I have to write something similar. I don't know how I landed as a mainstream contemporary romance author because I love reading all types of romance from sweet to outright naughty, from historical to contemporary and futuristic, or from realistic to paranormal. I guess I stick with writing contemporary because I worry I'll get too many details wrong if I attempt something else.

How would you say the publishing world has changed your life?
Oh, I've always been a big daydreamer with my head stuck in fiction land, so that hasn't changed. And I've always spent more time than I should on writing, so yeah, I don't know how I've changed, or if I even have changed. Hmm. Strange.

What does your working space look like? Are you an organized person?
I start out organized with files and such. But by the end of a project, it looks more like my workspace has suffered tornado damage.

From what do you derive the most inspiration for your writing?
Everything in life. Friends, family, other books, television shows, movies, stories in the newspaper. It all goes into a little writing queue in my brain to be pulled out whenever I need it.

Do you have any special routines to help you get in the mood to write?
If I can't just start writing, I usually have to read back what I just wrote to find the flow I had going when I last left off.

What does the future look like for Linda?
Very hazy, I can't see it. But I bet it's pretty similar to what I have now. I can't imagine my stories getting too famous, though that'd be totally cool, right. I would just adore it if I could sell a book that I could go to Wal-Mart (or any book-selling place really) and buy it off the shelf.

What is your favorite part of a book to write, the beginning, middle or ending, or all three?

What is the biggest false impression about being an author?
That once you sell a book, you're in baby. You're not in. Book two is just as hard if not harder to get out there. And once you wear yourself out promoting book one, you still have to go through all that for book two as well.

What is the one habit you have that you know you'll never change?
UmI'll probably always be too timid. I just can't help it. I'm a shy girl.

Would you share your website or links with the readers?
Sure, here are a couple places to find me online. Website, Blog, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Goodreads.

What is your favorite movie of all time?
Dirty Dancing, or maybe Cinderella, though I'm also a sucker for Shawshank Redemption.

What is your favorite sound you love to hear and the least favorite that slightly irritates you?
My little daughter saying "mama, mama, mama" is my all-time favorite sound I totally love to hear. And my little daughter saying "mama, mama, mama" can be the most irritating sound I've ever heard too!! Just depends on the situation.

You are at a picnic and a contest is in effect for the perfect hot dog and perfect hamburger. Now it is your time to build the perfect hot dog and burger, what all would you slather on each one?
Each? Okay, here goes: Hotdog - bun, cheesy dog, chili, nacho cheese sauce. Hamburger - bottom bun, ketchup, onion ring, patty, bacon, cheese, mustard, top bun, with sesame seeds on top.

Again, thank you Linda, so very much for taking time to speak with us today. I wish you the best in all your great works and look forward to more delights in the future. Be sure to take a look and visit Linda's website and learn more about her intriguing line of books.
Thanks again for having me here. I loved your questions.

Interviewed by: Linda L.

Linda L.