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What Thin

Mark Clifton

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E Books


Release Date:
October 2003


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What Thin Partitions

Ralph Kennedy is a personnel director. One of his main assignments is to prevent the most productive employees from quitting their jobs. This is how he ends up meeting a "different" four-year-old little girl. Her mom is threatening to quit because of the problems Jennie is having in the company's daycare center. Ralph called the little girl into his office to see what problems one little four year old could possibly cause. Without a word, Jennie sends everything in Ralph's office flying through the air. Ralph finds himself face to face with a real life poltergeist. Ralph and his boss soon discover that many people with psi abilities can be a huge benefit in the computer plant. They can also be a huge pain in the butt! From a fake fortune-teller who turns out to really have psi powers, to a group of 5 young graduates who have managed to take telepathy to a whole new level, Ralph soon has more people with paranormal powers than he knows what to do with.

Mark Clifton is an award-winning author. What Thin Partitions: The Hilarious Misadventures of Ralph Kennedy Psi-cologist is full of interesting information and this reviewer learned a bit about psi and people that have paranormal powers. The reader's heart goes out to Jenny and her struggle to be a normal child. Life must be hard for children that are labeled as problem children but are actually poltergeists.

In What Thin Partitions: The Hilarious Misadventures of Ralph Kennedy Psi-cologist Mark Clifton falls short of hilarious in this tale. It is rather hard to get into and at times hard to follow. The characters are believable in the text that they are penned, however, they are one-dimensional. The characters are never taken outside of the work place. While they are there, however, the author does a wonderful job depicting how they act and behave, as the reader would expect them to in the working environment. The story spans a wide range of time. Several times it skips months and even a year without mentioning what has transpired within that time period. This is probably due to the fact that this book was originally written in four novelettes and was never released in book form, due to the author's passing. Huge Sci-Fi fans might really enjoy this book, but this tale just is not this reviewer's cup of tea.

Reviewed by: Penny

Penny (18K)

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