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Go Fetch

Shelly Laurenston

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June 2004


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Go Fetch

Fans of werewolf romance will quickly recognize Miki, the heroine of Go Fetch, as one of the best friends of Sara in Laurenston's Pack Challenge. When Sara moved to California to be with her Alpha male, Zach, Miki stayed in their small Texas town, tending bar and writing her dissertation. You may also recall in Pack Challenge that Zach's best friend Conall was struck speechless by Miki, who refused to have anything to do with him.

When Go Fetch begins, it is six months after Sara leaves, and Miki is going to visit her at her new home, not only to celebrate Sara's birthday with her, but also to defend her dissertation at the university in Seattle. Little does Miki know that Conall has not gotten over her, and from the moment she sets foot in the Pack's home, he knows that he wants her in his arms. After a confrontation between Miki and members of an enemy Pack, Conall accompanies Miki to Seattle to protect her, in spite of her strenuous resistance.

I enjoyed this 162-page novel. The premise is slightly weird, and yet somehow fitting--the members of this Pack of werewolves are bikers and rock promoters, with the stereotypical behaviors of fighting, drinking, partying, roistering, and generally raising hell. (Not like your suave, debonair werewolves who play Jekyll and Hyde in other books.) The characters of Miki and Conall are so well-drawn that they quickly become real people in the reader's mind. I liked both of them--Miki for her tough, feisty aggressiveness and loyalty, and Conall for his calm, persistent nature that makes him a rock--a very cuddly rock. There are some very hot heterosexual love scenes, plus witty repartee, which makes this a fast, funny, thoroughly enjoyable read. For those who want to know what happens to everyone, there is a suggestion that there will be a sequel starring Sara and Miki's friend Angelina.

Finally, I gave this story 5 Angels because while reading it I found myself rolling on the floor with laughter--and that is always worth 5 Angels in my book!

Reviewed by: Jean

Jean (17K)

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