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Lost Hearts, Found Souls

Jeya Jenson

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Lost Hearts, Found Souls

Lost Hearts, Found Souls is one of a series of books based on Tarot card meanings. The 7 of Pentacles card generally refers to a period of reflection and contemplation before one moves on to another stage in life.

When Samantha Whitman decides to pawn her wedding ring at Romaine & Sons store, she sees the guy of her dreams. Unfortunately he has a gold wedding band around his finger. Up to this point her life has revolved around eleven years of marriage to an attorney. Nine miscarriages and the death of her premature baby have left Sam an emotional wreck. She gets through it all using a crutch of wine and pills. When Sam meets Eric Romaine at the counter her dreams and desires resurface. Pity that he's clearly unavailable…

Eric has not been able to accept that his wife, Brenda could heartlessly walk away and abandon their two small girls. Brenda had always made it clear that she was a career woman and would never settle down into a mundane family lifestyle. The sexual promise that Eric glimpses in Samantha brings him back to reality. His wife is never coming back, his girls will have to adjust and he has just let the woman of his dreams walk out the door.

Eric and Samantha are very credible characters. Both trapped in a world of their own making, will they find the release they seek in each other's arms? Jeya Jenson creates an excellent short story of passion. Their pain is tangible and the sex is hot. Recommended if you're in the mood for a quickie!

Reviewed by: Naomi

Naomi (21K)

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