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Hook, Wine
& Tinker

Mardi Ballou

Ellora's Cave


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Hook, Wine & Tinker

He's the owner of a resort business that specializes in fulfilling people's fantasies. She is a travel agent, who specializes in sending her clients to those resorts, while wishing it was she indulging in her baser appetites. Through a twist, she comes face-to-face with Dominic Laredo, and Gwyn Verde finds out that sometimes there is only one man for the job in erotic fantasies, while Dominic learns that sometimes, reality can be even better than fantasy.

To say that this book is enjoyable is a disservice to the author as well as the book. It was wonderfully written, erotically woven, and easy to get lost in. The humor and fantasy concepts are descriptive, and enable the reader to 'see' the events happening as they are described. The only thing that could have been better would have been a longer book; it was over much too soon. Ms. Ballou's efforts create a fascinating short story, with rich and indulgent characters that make even the most lurid sexual fantasies seem plausible and possible, not to mention utterly enjoyable. Even better than a "beach" book, this is a story suited for a hot soak in a bubbly tub with a nice drink, though this reading might just steam up more than the bathroom.

Reviewed by: Becky

Becky (18K)

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