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Tell Me No Lies

Annie Solomon

Warner Books


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Tell Me No Lies

Alexandra Jane Baker wants revenge. After thirteen years of waiting and plotting, she finally has the chance to set a trap and expose the person responsible for killing her father. Alexandra knows it won't be easy to trap the killer, and after a dear friend is murdered, Alexandra realizes just how dangerous her plans have gotten.

Detective Hank Bonner made the tough decision to retire so he can raise his niece and nephew. He has a little over a week left on the force when he's handed what looks to be a pretty simple case; a dead convenience store clerk. After Hank gets to the scene, he finds it's not as simple as he thought it would be. There are too many unanswered questions and the clues lead straight to beautiful Alexandra Jane Baker.

The last thing Alexandra needs is a handsome and very suspicious detective hanging around her. The last thing Hank needs is to have feelings for a woman that he knows is lying to him and holding back information that would help him with the case. Can Hank and Alexandra get past the lies and start trusting each other before it's too late?

Tell Me No Lies is a gripping story. Annie Solomon has weaved a tale so intense that it will keep you on the edge of your seat. Tell Me No Lies is full of suspense with plenty of twists and turns that keep you guessing what will happen next. Alexandra is a strong heroine who has suffered tremendous loss. Your heart goes out to Hank, and his niece and nephew, as he helps them deal with the loss of their parents. If you enjoy romantic suspense, then I highly recommend Annie Solomon's Tell Me No Lies!

Reviewed by: Cindy

Cindy (11K)

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