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The Crystal Throne

Kathryn Sullivan

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Amber Quill



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The Crystal Throne

Jeanne Tucker is a teenager with a terrible secret which follows her, marring her social life, and making her unpopular at school. She is an Empath! Jeanne meets up with a new kid, a boy named Peter, and the two find themselves being captured by a magical tree, and being swept away to a land of magic. There, they are greeted by an elf named Graylod, who explains the reason why the pair have been summoned to this strange land. They are told that Jeanne has the gift that can save their land from certain destruction, and their people from certain death. The cynical Peter has reservations.

Along with talking horses called Windkins, and an Elf named Leereho, Jeanne and Peter are on a terrifying quest. After spending time in a fabulous Elven village, the team is sent on a mission to free Graylod, who has been taken captive, and destroy the wicked witch. Jeanne finds herself in possession of powers that she never dreamed possible. A ring of power is all that saves them from certain death as they travel from the Mistlands, to the Mountains of Illusion, and on to the witch's castle, where they must face the power of Vana.

The Crystal Throne is a rollicking adventure that captures the imagination, as Jeanne and Peter find strength and courage they never knew they had. The story addresses prejudice in the relationship between magical characters, as well as the age-old battle of good against evil, where the wicked pay for their evil deeds in the form of consequences, and good wins out. The only weakness I found was that there was perhaps too much action in the story, where the background and characters could have been better developed. However, that is coming from an adult reader, where a young person would quite possibly prefer the action. Kathryn Sullivan has created a wonderful story and offers other stories set in the same land as The Crystal Throne.

Reviewed by: Kate

Kate (12K)