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Devil Take Me

Betty Womack

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Loose Id


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Devil Take Me

Ali Donovan is about to get an assignment that will not only be a test of strength, training, and survival instincts, but it will also test her heart. She is a competent CIA agent that is full of passion and feistiness. When she meets her new partner, she is not happy with the selection. Gun is a control freak and unbelievably handsome. She has no idea which of those two traits will become her biggest problem.

Jack Gunnison, aka Gun, is a sniper specialist that has a debt to repay. Losing his partner in the rain forest of Columbia, he wants nothing more than to successfully complete the task he failed to do years ago, and he does not need a partner to do this. He works better alone and doesnít want to be responsible for someone else again. Unfortunately, his superiors have just given him a partner: a beautiful, spitfire named Ali Donovan.

Once Ali and Gun arrive in BogotŠ, Columbia, they find that not only do they have to deal with an insane, power-hungry drug lord, but also the physical attraction between them. Posing as a couple should have been an easy assignment, but with each passing moment the line between being a professional hit team and their interest in each other is becoming very gray. What could possibly go wrong with two seasoned government agents trying to take out a drug cartel? More than you would imagine. They have to first like each other, then trust each other, and on top of that make the hardest decision of their lives and careers.

Devil Take Me starts readers off with an adrenaline rush that does not let up until the plot has played itself out on the last page. Aliís determination to be successful and have her pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, an assignment at the White House, is beautifully written to showcase a compassionate and independent woman. Gun is the typical bad guy, secret agent. He is expertly crafted with many battle wounds, but is also a passionate and giving lover, the likes of which any woman would love to have. Whether Gun and Ali are between the sheets or in a witty argument, readers will be drawn to them like a bee to honey. They are an amazing pair. Betty Womack has created a suspenseful plot with some twists and turns along the way, riddled with a consuming passion between to very remember able characters. This is a story that I will definitely recommend to anyone looking for an adventure in and out of the bedroom. Devil Take Me has earned itself 5 Angels!

Reviewed by: Jessica


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