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Gold Dust Woman

Alicia Sparks

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Changeling Press


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Gold Dust Woman

Sybil is about to change the life of the one person that failed to save her years ago. She loved Canon all those years ago, but the time has come to take care of him and his followers. When she literally bumps into him on the street, she enacts her plan for revenge: to take his immortality. A simple task really: drop some dust on him and be done with him forever. If only it was really that simple, she had not counted on a couple of things: she still loves him and revenge isnít always as sweet as one might think. To make matters even worse, taking his immortality has not produced the results she so desperately wanted it to.

Canon is the Master Vampire of New Orleans. When he is drawn back to the city, he believes it is to save someone he cares about from causing danger to innocent people. Little did he know, he would be the one that needs saving. Running into a woman that mysteriously resembles a woman from his past, his life, or undead life, abruptly changes in a way he could never imagine. He is no longer an immortal Vampire. Forced to come to terms with what Sybil has done, he realizes that maybe people are given another chance to right a wrong from the past. Unfortunately, fate has more in store for Canon and once again Sybil is altering his life. If Canonís existence is not restored to that of the Master Vampire, New Orleans will never be the same and many more innocent people will pay.

Alicia Sparks has opened readers mind to a story of one vampireís life of decisions and the consequences they bring. Canonís vampire is one of warmth and compassion even though he is a cold undead being. Sybil is driven to avenge her wronged life, only to learn that maybe her life was not so wrong all those years ago. Canon and Sybil both must face the result of the decisions made in anger and pain in order to learn to live again. Only their lives turn out not how they might expect it to. When Canon and Sybil are forced to make another decision that will again change the course of their lives, they must deal with many emotions that are old and new. Will Sybil find as much pleasure in taking Canonís immortality as she can in knowing Canon? Can Sybil and Canon stop what they have started?

Gold Dust Woman is a wonderful short story of paranormal romance. I was captivated by the depth of the characters and the danger of a vampire becoming mortal again. Canon and Sybil both display a wild array of emotions that draw the readers into their feelings and situation immediately. Readers will be torn between heartache and hope for these characters. It was both rewarding and touching to watch them come to terms with what had been and must be done. The passion between them was endearing to watch. Alicia Sparks has done a tremendous job writing this story and it appears that it is just the beginning. I can only hope that there is another chapter in the lives of Canon and Sybil out there. Gold Dust Woman has earned 4 Angels!

Reviewed by: Jessica


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