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And Lady Makes

Nikki Soarde,
Anya Bast,
and Ashley Ladd

Published By:
Ellora's Cave


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And Lady Makes Three

Prism by Nikki Soarde

After being royally worked over by her ex-husband, Sidney makes the decision to go home to Toronto and start her life over again. When she lands, she feels so depressed about not having anyone there to meet her; she calls her college friend Clay. Sidney, Clay, and Dax were like the Three Musketeers in college and she can’t wait to renew their friendship. Clay has found that his relationship with Dax has stagnated some. Not that he doesn’t love Dax, it’s just that something seems to be missing. A call from their past brings that feeling to the forefront. When Dax, Sidney, and Clay get together again, there is a whole new flavor to their friendship; is it what they all need?

I was a little surprised by the beginning of this anthology. I haven’t read many books with m/m scenes and wasn’t quite sure how to take the sensuality in the beginning. Luckily, Ms. Soarde does such a great job of describing things that I was able to sit back and enjoy the story that she penned. Sidney, Clay, and Dax were a great group of characters that had their own personalities and were very well defined. It wasn’t a story about a couple and their friend; it truly was about a trio. Prism was a great story about rediscovering oneself.

Twilight by Anya Bast

Nico, Dai, and Twyla are a Sacred Trio, but only Dai and Nico are aware of it. The two men have been searching for Twyla for almost ten years. The Sacred Trios are needed to keep the dark at bay; every few millennia the dark starts to take over and the Trios are gathered to drive it back. The dark has returned and time has grown short. Only one Trio remains unformed, Dai, Nico, and Twyla’s.

Twyla has always had magic and has been loathed and persecuted for it. She doesn’t know that she is part of a Trio and only thinks that she has wild magick. Because of her magick Twyla and her mother have run from people that would do them harm. One night they didn’t run fast enough and that night changed Twyla forever.

Nico and Dai find a damaged Twyla and try to show her that she can love and that she is important. Can Dai and Nico heal her in time?

Wow, this story dealt with the damage that rape causes and did it well. I was really impressed with the way that Ms. Bast dealt with the aftermath of a traumatic experience. Nico and Dai were two strong men willing to do whatever necessary to heal the woman of their hearts. I have to say that the ending really made me happy. I can’t say anything other than that, but it was really great to ‘see’.

Pirate’s Booty by Ashley Ladd

Princess Melena is on diplomatic mission of great importance. Her marriage to Prince of Teeran Hauft will ensure peace between their two planets. Melena has always known that she is but a pawn in her father’s eyes. She wishes that she could be a nobody, able to live her life the way she wants to.

Zarod and Keir are the pirates that have taken the Princess’ ship captive. When they find out how precious the cargo is, they grab her and head out. Unfortunately the debris from the destruction of her ship knocks them onto an uninhabited world filled with dangerous creatures. Can these three people put aside their differences and survive?

Pirate’s Booty was a great story that dealt well with the “poor little rich girl” idea. Princess Melena was much stronger than either Keir or Zarod thought she was. I really enjoyed her. The relationship between Keir and Zarod was well-written and almost romantic. I found the world to be well built and fleshed out. All in all, Ms. Ladd did a great job.

And Lady Makes Three is a slight departure from most of Ellora’s Cave’s anthologies. All three stories contain loving relationships between two men where the woman is added after. I was pleasantly surprised by the way that these three authors dealt with the men’s relationships. There was no gratuitous sex, but true feelings between the men. The way that I feel this was a departure from the usual is that I think it’s the first time that there has been an anthology that deals with a m/m romantic relationship. I’m happy that these authors were able to contribute to And Lady Makes Three.

Reviewed by: Serena

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