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What Fallen Angels Reviews Can Do For You...

Are you an author or publisher looking for ways to get the word out about your new release or website?

Here at FAR we offer lots of ways, both paid and free, to let readers know what you have coming out and great ways to promote your work. Here's just a few services we offer:

Paid Services...

Cover & Banner Ads - Contact Jaymi

Cover Spots (static) - $5 each, monthly

Cover Spots (rotating) - $10 each, monthly

Banner Spots - $15 each, monthly
Banner Spots - $25 each, monthly if Fallen Angel Reviews makes the banner

Author Pages - $25 for 3 months
Publisher/Group Pages - $35 for 3 months

Send the following to Jaymi:
-- Short bio
-- Website link
-- Blog link
-- Social Media links
-- Cover(s)
-- Blurb(s)
-- Publisher link(s)

New Release Spotlight - $15 monthly
Contact Jaymi

Free Services...

Book Reviews - Send the following Jaymi:
-- Title
-- Author
-- Genre
-- Page Count
-- Publisher
-- Blurb

Chats: - Service Suspended
We offer live chats in the FAR chat room that are scheduled for 9 pm EST unless another another time is scheduled. We no longer provide moderators for our chats but will continue to promote them. If you'd like to schedule a chat please contact our Chat Coordinator.

FAR Chatters: - Service Suspended
Host your own author day at the FAR Yahoo group. Contact FAR Chatters with the date you would like (available dates can be found here), if you would like the entire day or a block of time and any other information you would like listed.

We offer author interviews by email with a limit of 1 per author/pen name every 3 months. The interview will go live on the FAR website when we update at the end of the month.

To schedule an interview contact our Interview Coordinator with the month you would like, the email address you want the interview sent to, your website and author/pen name if different from what's listed.

NR by Month - Send the following to Jaymi:
-- Author
-- Title
-- Cover
-- Publisher Link
-- Month Released

If you have any further advertising questions, contact Jaymi.